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Libra (Tula)

2017 Horoscopes have been prepared very meticulously by our Vedic expert on the basis of Moon Sign. Please click here to find out your Moon Sign.

2017 Horoscope

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2017 is bringing new hopes, ideas and ventures for Libra natives. Your balanced nature would certainly help achieve great success in many areas this year. Your life would improve tremendously and you would accomplish many goals you had in mind.

According to Libra 2017 horoscope, you would utilize your potential quite well during 2017 and would receive many gains and overall growth. Your determination and courage would increase this year, which would help put in more efforts and bring good results in different areas of life this year.

You would become a frequent traveler during 2017 and would initiate several short as well as long journeys. Good news is that you would receive ample opportunities to grow further and earn more. Most of your journeys would be fruitful. A few trips would be with family and friends and you may also go for picnic or leisure trips.

You would become more charitable and religious this year and would perform virtuous deeds throughout. Health of parents, especially mother would be troublesome and needs to be well taken care off.

Your siblings may suffer with ill health for quite some time, especially during February to May end. For rest of the time, health would remain quite good. It is likely that you would spend money on some legal matters or disputes. You would be able to pay off your bank loans or debts with sincere efforts.

As per Libra 2017 horoscope, you may put on weight in 2017 hence need to maintain proper routine pertaining to your food habits and workout. Overall, this year would be more positive than the previous one.

Libra 2017 career and business horoscope: As regards your career during 2017, you would observe a transfer or job change. This change would come from January onwards itself. However, we suggest you to think positively and work efficiently as some reluctance or laziness could be there. This could halt your progress and you could miss some good opportunities of career growth. Libra 2017 career horoscope shows some issues with seniors so you need to work hard to remain in good books of your seniors. They may conspire against you so be attentive. After September, situations would be favorable for you. Team members would remain helpful, provided you treat them well.

Libra 2017 business horoscope forecasts that those who are in business should be careful while starting new a business, as during 2017, profit would be quite less. Partnerships would not be much favorable hence do not go for a new one and maintain balance in existing one. Your profits would fluctuate throughout the year. You should focus on new avenues and opportunities that come to you, and must grab and utilize the new prospects efficiently. Your business would grow from June to October quite positively; however, growth would be limited. Hence, prepare yourself to tackle all these challenges with courage.

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Libra2017 love and relationships horoscope: You would find yourself in an intimate relationship in the beginning of 2017. This intensity would add strength to your relationship. You may go for a trip with your partner. Some misunderstanding may come in between you and your partner that should be treated properly, else, would give troubles in love life. Libra 2017 love and relationship horoscope does not have strong marriage prospects at least not in the first half. The favorable time for marriage would come after August and thereafter, you may get married easily. Your partner would demand more seriousness from your side in the relationship. If you can make your partner understand how committed you are, your relationship would flourish gradually.

As Libra 2017 love horoscope shows you may have more than one affair this year or some new relationships are possible. However, they might not be long lasting hence it would be better to be faithful to your existing partner and enjoy your love life with full devotion.

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Libra 2017 family and children horoscope: Family life would be normal and there would be both harmony and occasional clashes during 2017. From February to mid of June, you may have differences with your family members but from June onwards until October, situation would be quite peaceful. As Libra family horoscope foretells, you may sell out your existing house and may look for a new one during this year.

Your children would have low concentration during January and February and may not perform well in their education or other fields as apparent in the Libra children horoscope 2017. However, from March until June and thereafter from October onwards, they would do very well in their education and would work harder. Their efforts would bring good results for them. After September, they would become more obedient and would pay respect to their elders too.

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Libra 2017 wealth and finance horoscope: Wealth is the most important aspect of ones life and for Libra, it would be a matter of deep concern this year. You should work extra hard to accumulate good wealth. As Libra 2017 wealth horoscope suggests, your effort now would lay the foundation of your wealth growth in future. There would be huge expenses and that would give you hiccups so your financial status would fluctuate this year rapidly.

Many sources and opportunities would come to your way but you would struggle to fructify many of them. in fact, you may miss few good money spinning prospects. Libra, you are known to maintain balance in all aspect of life and this year, you would have a balanced financial position. Period from June until October would be quite good for money matters and thereafter Libra 2017 wealth and finance horoscope also shows that Gods grace would bless you to take good decisions in business as well.

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Libra 2017 health and fitness horoscope: Your state of health would remain good and strong during this year. You would recover from any past illness, if any. Libra 2017 health and fitness horoscope also suggests that you should keep a watch on your regular diet as you are likely to gain weight and could suffer from obesity too this year. Apart from that, some minor issues related to stomach or intestines may arise, due to untimely food.

As Libra health and fitness horoscope for 2017 foretells, you should do meditation at least twice a day for minimum 10 to 15 minutes, as it would help you positively. Overall health would be fine.

Libra 2017 planetary influences: Saturn is your Yogakarka Planet and it would change sign during January and is likely to influence your life in a positive way. According to Libra 2017 planetary influence 2017, you would be under direct influence of Saturn, Jupiter and Rahu this year. Saturn would cast its influence on your siblings, fame & fortune and education. You may go for higher education if you desire to. Jupiter would remain in your twelfth house until mid of September and it would give you power of taking good decisions but would also affect your health. Rahu remains in your eleventh house and it would deliver good results. It may also increase your sources of earning but after September, it would enter into your tenth house of profession thus would give change in workplace or a change in relation to your work.

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