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  • January 2017 Horoscope

    Get a sneak peak into your January fortunes with Faisal Hameed's January Horoscope. It will be your guide to career, love life, finances and health in January 2017.

You have an easygoing approach towards life and want to live in the present.’s head Rahu, the dragon’s head is positioned in your 3rd house, which is related to communication. 3rd house is also under Mars influence due to aspect after 11th December. This celestial position would give you the much-needed willpower and ability to communicate effectively.  You are likely to have a way with words this month, and have a strong convincing power. You may have a rough time with siblings though due to the planetary atmosphere. Whatever journeys you initiate this month would prove rewarding, especially those concerning career. Saturn along with Jupiter, which happens to be the lord of your 10th house, is aspecting your 12th house. This is a positive period to grow your business but at the same time, income may waver. 

While planets seem to be mostly in favor, do not over expect. Matters concerning children and education require caution and attention. Your love life may also come to a halt. However, since you seem to have a strong bonding, the romance may save your relationship from any bad influence. There would be a lot of activity on all fronts so be prepared. Fortunately, you are blessed with more energy this month to tackle all the challenges effectively. This month, your interest in spirituality may also increase. In fact, you could also plan a religious trip.

Career: You would be more productive at the workplace and would be able to multitask well. Seniors may pose some challenges until 11th December so care should be taken. But afterwards, you could expect a soothing period. Colleagues may try to eclipse your work with their blabbermouth so be watchful. You may have to work hard to get your work noticed and recognized so this is the time to tighten your belts and be tactful. While your work would speak for itself, it doesn’t hurt to highlight it to your boss at times.

Love and Marriage:
Passion and romance has been stirring in you like a caged bird. Gemini, it is time to let it fly. You might plan a romantic dinner with your partner this month. You could look forward to some cozy moments. Chances of a secretive affair also exist after 2nd December though. Let such thoughts not affect the bliss you could enjoy in your existing union. Those married would enjoy their life in December. Support from spouse would keep you going.

Money and Finance: 
You may observe a lot of ups and downs in terms of your financial strength. It is going to be a rough period. You would have to make extra efforts in order to earn well. Don’t lose heart though as fortune would be on your side soon. Situation would get slightly better after 11th December but actual improvement would come about only after 29th December. This is not an opportune period to invest. 

Children and Students: December is going to be a stable period for children. Their interest in non-academic activities would increase. They may also indulge in some creative pursuits. If you utilize their creative energy well, who knows you may discover an artistic talent in your child. Academic performance and exam scores would be average. 

Health and Family:
Your health seems to going downhill in December. Problems like fever, blood related issues, rheumatic pain etc. might trouble you until 11th. But thereafter to until 19th, you would observe considerable improvement. However, post 19th, health may again suffer a setback. During these low times, family would offer you a lot of tender support. You would like to spend time with your near and dear ones.

Finance seems to be an area of concern this month for which you could request Faisal Hameed for astrological remedies.


2017 Comprehensive Horoscope prepared under the guidance of Faisal Hameed will be your ‘complete & personal guide’ to the events expected in your life in the coming 12 months of 2017. It will predict the events & occurrences in the areas of Career & Profession; Love & Marriage; Romance; Health; Family Life & Spouse; Finances & Monetary gains...
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