Capricorn 2017 Horoscope / Capricorn 2017 Astrology by Faisal Hameed

Capricorn (Makara)

2017 Horoscopes have been prepared very meticulously by our Vedic expert on the basis of Moon Sign. Please click here to find out your Moon Sign.

2017 Horoscope

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Dear Capricorn, 2017 is the year when you would see many fluctuations in your health, income and other aspects of life. This year, your main Lord Saturn would test you and throw challenges and if you perform well with sincerity, it might bless you with many good things in life. Chances of a trip abroad exist in the 2017 Capricorn horoscope. If you have been planning to settle abroad or wish to go to foreign countries, 2017 is a promising year.

You would do very well at places far from your current residence. It is likely that a few of you may receive good name and fame through foreign associations. Health of parents would be fine and they would have a good time, however, occasional issues may persist. Your siblings, especially younger ones would do well in their field and may be more cooperative & friendly towards you. They would help you tremendously to improve your finance and other important undertakings in life.

Capricorn 2017 horoscope also suggests that you should not indulge in any wrongful activities, as you may have to pay for it during last quarter of 2017. You would be more inclined towards religion or spirituality and may go in for pilgrimages during the year with your family or loved ones.

Your name and fame in society would increase as you would become more charitable and may indulge in other social service activities. People would recognize your work hence you should do well in life during 2017.

Overall, this year would give mixed results and you should understand to maintain balance in various activities throughout the year as it would be the test of your capabilities and potential as evident in Capricorn 2017 horoscope.

Capricorn 2017 career and business horoscope: In the beginning of 2017, you would be in a good position at work and would get support from your seniors too. Luck would support you hence your efforts and work would be recognized well. As per Capricorn 2017 career horoscope, if you are in job, you may consider a switch after September. It is also likely that you may adopt your hobby as your career during September to November. Be cautious during December as you may face some issues in career matters.

Capricorn 2017 business horoscope shows a good business potential during 2017. January would beget good results in business. If you wish to start a new business or wish to expand existing one, favorable period would be before January end and thereafter between mid of June to end of October. Do not start anything new during rest of the period, as it may not beget fruitful results. Overall, during this year, your effort would bring good results in your career and business.

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Capricorn 2017 love and relationship horoscope: For love matters, 2017 is bringing some seriousness and you need to improve your connection with your partner, as there are chances of separation or troubles in relationship. According to Capricorn 2017 love horoscope, January would be a month when you would enjoy intimacy in relationship. Thereafter, maintain cordiality and do not indulge in any arguments & give respect to your partner's views and their understanding about life and your relationship. It would strengthen your bond. During mid of June to October, you could expect some good moments of togetherness with your partner but rest of the period is quite troublesome. As per Capricorn 2017 love and relationship horoscope, delay in marriage matters is possible hence; you have full time to nurture and flourish your relationship. You may feel a lot of mental stress and it could affect your relationship, so you should be well prepared about this to avoid every problem in your love life. Do not lose hope and improve communication, it would help you to maintain your relationship. Even if you need to stay away from your partner for some time, do not let them feel that they are alone and that you are always with them.

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Capricorn 2017 family and children horoscope: Family life would be good and you would enjoy domestic harmony. September onwards, more bliss would come to your life and happiness would prevail. Your spouse would be quite moody but, would have good views and would support you in the hour of need. Some arguments and differences among family members are apparent in the Capricorn 2017 family horoscope but you know how to create good environment at home so would be able to overcome this situation. After September, some health issues may trouble your spouse so you should give full love and affection to your spouse to enjoy marital bliss.

According to Capricorn 2017 children horoscope, your children would start taking things a bit seriously, they may become deep thinkers and could develop interest in archeology, philosophy and ancient sciences. During February to June and thereafter from October to December, they may have health issues that would require your attention. Overall, they would do well in their studies except occasional emotional instability.

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Capricorn 2017 wealth and finance horoscope: Wealth would be a matter of concern for some time as during February to June and from November onwards, you may incur some financial losses so investments should be avoided during this period. As Capricorn 2017 wealth horoscope forecasts, January would beget good wealth. Your expenses would increase tremendously and most of them would be unintentional but due to these, your financial stability would fluctuate. Further, Capricorn 2017 finance horoscope also shows that you should make foreign associations at work as it could give you good wealth and you would enjoy inflow of income. You must control your excessive expenses as they may trouble you gravely. Overall, in spite of some troubles, losses and challenges, you would be able to accumulate wealth till the end of the year, especially if you can curtail expenses.

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Capricorn 2017 health and fitness horoscope: Health would be a matter of great concern for you during 2017. As per Capricorn 2017 health and fitness horoscope, you could be prone to some injuries or accidents during February and June. Apart from that, mental stress would increase and you may feel troubled due to air-borne diseases. Joint pains, feet pain, cold, rheumatism, are a few common issues may persist. During June to October, your stamina would be in full flow and you would enjoy good health. It is advisable that you drive carefully and stay away from cold air. Meditation twice a day would keep you stress free.

Capricorn 2017 planetary influences: Saturn is your main planet being the lord of your ascendant and second house. Its movement would fluctuate between eleventh and twelfth house and it could affect your major areas of life. As per Capricorn 2017 planetary Influences, Jupiter, the lord of third and twelfth house, would remain in your ninth house until September and would move to your tenth house later bringing peace in domestic and professional life along with support of luck and religious pursuits. Rahu would move through your eighth house until September and thereafter, it would move to your seventh house of marriage and partnership so it would give some sudden losses as well as gains too along with ups and down in marital life. However, you understand the meaning of life as a Capricorn and thus would overcome all the challenges that come your way. All the best!

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