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  • January 2017 Horoscope

    Get a sneak peak into your January fortunes with Faisal Hameed's January Horoscope. It will be your guide to career, love life, finances and health in January 2017.

Aries, the planets command you to actively work towards success for the month of December. There would be ample growth prospects to go places, provided you make efforts to maintain your calm. Anger is definitely not the best method to get others to listen to you. With Mars posited in your house of profession until 11th December, you really need to be careful with your words, especially with colleagues and seniors. Otherwise, you would end up ruffling feathers. Mars’ transit this month would also bring in a surge of enthusiasm you needed to topple opposition.  While you can utilize this energy to progress forward but don’t be too impulsive with your decisions and withhold any major steps for now.

Until 15th December, Saturn is placed in your 8th house of transformations along with Sun and from here, both have aspect over 2nd house as well. After 11th, Mars would also begin to aspect the second house. Language thus certainly plays a major role in making or breaking your opportunities this month. Expenses may also give you a few financial hiccups every now and then. While Sun would change sign after 15th, Saturn would continue to scrutinize your 2nd house thus likely to affect earnings throughout the month. While Sun’s transit may not bring any positive developments in finance, it definitely indicates some positive news from children. This month, you may also have to travel unwillingly.  If it is for spiritual reasons though, expect to find some mental contentment.

Career: An authoritative position or project would be in your hands before 11th but keep in mind that you need to use this opportunity wisely, as seniors are keeping an eye on you.  After 11th December, you could expect seniors to be lenient and supportive. During the period before 19th December, you would also get support from your coworkers. But after that, self-reliance would be the best approach at work. Colleagues may not be as encouraging to you as before. No matter what, keep anger out of the equation.

Love and Marriage: Lovers seem to be in a pensive mood, probably on account of the frequent conflicts and misunderstandings. We suggest you to handle matters with maturity and avoid being angry for anger is a like a storm that calms down eventually but leaves a lot broken and hurt. You need to keep aggression in control especially after 11th December. This is a positive month for married folks. The void you have been experiencing in your relationship lately would be filled up by feelings of love and romance.   You may plan a day out or a long drive this month with your spouse. 

Money and Finance:
December may not kick off well in terms of finance as there is a possibility of incurring financial loss before 11th December.  While the start of the month is not as thrilling, if you exercise caution in money matters and get through with half of the month without any grievances, the rest of the month has tremendous growth in store. Sun is transiting sign on 15th December and this change would also bring a positive turn of events for you. Income flow would increase thereafter, but no matter what, don’t get phished into any investment or speculation plans.

Children and Students:
Some lack of satisfaction and contentment in life would keep your children distressed. They would struggle to concentrate throughout the month. Moreover, their peace of mind would also suffer which may further add to the challenges. Those studying would struggle to give it their best shot. This could be due to some distractions or their interest shifting to extracurricular. Results would be average in exams.

Health and Family: You may not feel well in the first half of the month on account of inflammation or fatigue. Too much indulgence may also cause some trouble. Once Sun changes sign on 15th,  your energy would increase, but make sure that you let it not run amuck and use it well in the gym.  Domestic life observes a harmonious period mostly but you need to be careful before 11th as some clashes may disturb the atmosphere.

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2017 Comprehensive Horoscope prepared under the guidance of Faisal Hameed will be your ‘complete & personal guide’ to the events expected in your life in the coming 12 months of 2017. It will predict the events & occurrences in the areas of Career & Profession; Love & Marriage; Romance; Health; Family Life & Spouse; Finances & Monetary gains...
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