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  • January 2017 Horoscope

    Get a sneak peak into your January fortunes with Faisal Hameed's January Horoscope. It will be your guide to career, love life, finances and health in January 2017.

Aquarius, December could be a little more challenging than before. It seems your inner growth has come to a standstill. Several aspects of life require your active presence so you might feel drained often. You should make serious efforts to take out time for yourself as occasional periods of solitude would help you calm down and find a way out. Meditation could be the best remedy for you this month. Overworking your brain would only lead to exhaustion.

Saturn and Sun conjunction occurs in your 10th house and it is likely to affect your relationship with business partner and spouse. However, once Sun transits on 15th December, the period thereafter would bring much relief. Irritability would persist in your temperament throughout though due to Mars’ conjunction with Ketu in your ascendant. You need to keep patience and tackle situations with your intellect and tact. It would good for you to take up a creative hobby or go somewhere new to relax.

Career:  If you have a business in partnership, December may not prove much rewarding for you. Litigation matters or paperwork may keep you troubled. Things would be much soothing after Sun transits sign on 15th December. Planets command you to work hard this month in order to make the most of the opportunities. Colleagues may not support you much and in fact, could pose hurdles in your way until 15th December. Thereafter, they would begin to encourage and support you when you need. Do not expect seniors to favor you though.

Love and Marriage: Progress in love life is written in the stars this month. You would have a lot of cozy moments and whispers with your lover. There is however a possibility of some miscommunication between you two after 19th December. It would be in your best interest to be more transparent and open to your partner to avoid any misunderstandings. Singles may indulge in a romantic and passionate relationship. December isn’t as positive for married couples. Spouse may have temperamental issues this month. This could be on account of falling health level too.

Money and Finance: You might observe a fall in income after 19th December. Simultaneously, expenses would continue to increase. You really need to be cautious with how much you spend. It would be in your best interest to curtail expenses to sail through the month without financial obstacles. Investments and speculation could be considered until 19th, thereafter, chances of loss exist.

Children and Students: Children would be cheerful and content in December. They would be eager to learn and acquire a new skill. Their performance in non-academic activities would also be excellent. If they have been suffering on the health front, you would observe respite after 11th December when Mars changes sign. Scores in exams would be satisfactory.

Health and Family: Health may go downhill this month. Too much burden at the workplace may interfere with your routine regime and lead to mental unrest. All this is likely to have an adverse impact on your wellbeing and contentment. Excessive sensuality also needs to be controlled. Domestic life seems to be unstable until 15th December. The period thereafter is full of happiness and harmony.

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2017 Comprehensive Horoscope prepared under the guidance of Faisal Hameed will be your ‘complete & personal guide’ to the events expected in your life in the coming 12 months of 2017. It will predict the events & occurrences in the areas of Career & Profession; Love & Marriage; Romance; Health; Family Life & Spouse; Finances & Monetary gains...
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