Varshphal or the analysis of your life for the next 12 months starting from your birth date is important & significant for planning your next one year. Its importance can be understood from the fact that the Sun returns to the same sign & degrees as that of its natal position in your birth year. This also marks the start of the new Solar Cycle when the Sun returns to the same longitude as it was at the time of your birth, also known as the Solar Return.

Hence Varshphal report provides events that are likely to unfold in the next one year. You can get minutest details on how your time & luck would run in the next 12 months, broken down into monthly and at times even daily details, if significant.

Varshphal predictions include both the high & low periods in the next one year and thus you can make your Career planning, plan your personal life and even plan your education, health care accordingly.

Your Varshaphal report will provide you the following –

  • The positives or negatives of the year in a nutshell.
  • Analysis & level of luck in Career, Health, Marital & love life, Education, Business trends, money & travels.
  • Date wise break up of the year, marking the positive & negative phases.
  • Suggestions/ remedies for improvements in the year.
  • Result for the Planet ( who would be the Lord of the year, like Jupiter)
  • Results of Muntha.

What is Muntha?
Muntha is exclusive to Vedic Astrology and is an important point in your Chart. It is located in the lagna at the birth time. Each year, the Muntha progresses by one sign. So in the second year, the Muntha would have progressed in the sign falling in the second house from the birth lagna. Muntha decides the luck potential in that year. To give an example, Muntha is in 1st house will make the year full of new developments, progress and a very eventful one. This may mean high level of activity for the native in that year. But if Muntha has progressed to 7th House this year, this may bring in worries on account of Health. The first seven months may mark negative period with problems regarding career & spouse.
Thus you can ask for your Varshphal report to get a ‘Ready Reckoner’ for the next 12 months events & trends!



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