A harmonious relationship is crucial for having a great life! Love, understanding & mutual respect for each other are vital to keep the passion alive in a relationship. Is there a way to know if a person X is suitable for person Y and a relationship between X & Y will be a pleasant and long lasting one? Vedic Astrology provides the answers!

The birth chart prepared for two persons and analysed can offer great insights into how compatible they are with each other and how their relationship would be good for each other. This is presented in the form of a Relationship Analysis Report. It presents the strengths & weaknesses of an alliance and data / information about the long term prospects of a match! It clearly defines the areas of compatibility & incompatibility between the two individuals. This prior knowledge about the quality of relationship can help them decide about taking their relation forward or not.

The key findings of this report include -
  • Mental Compatibility - the match is established on the basic thinking patterns of the two individuals. How alike are they in their thinking process and the level of agreement & disagreement on key issues.
  • Physical Compatibility - this is about the physical chemistry between the two partners and the longevity of the same. This defines the level of interest, love, attraction and understanding the two of them would enjoy in their relationship.
  • Wealth & Luck - Will this be a lucky match and a fortunate association? This parameter will define the level of finances, career, wealth accumulation potential of individuals and their luck together in this aspect.
  • Longevity of life of each partner - This is ascertained by checking the chart of Mangal Dosha and may become important if the Mangal Dosha strength is high.
  • Happiness related with progeny & Children - what are the prospects of having a family and raising kids is determined here.
Our expert Vedic Astrologer also provides the Astrological Remedies/ advice on how to fill out the gaps if the match strength is good on the basis of favourable planetary configuration. Thus Relationship Analysis may help fill in the lacunae or clear the obstacles to lead a harmonious life together!


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