Navamsa / D9 Chart & its significance
There are two tools used in Vedic astrology, not found in the western astrology system, which make this ancient Vedic Science so timeless, powerful & reliable. One of them is Sub-Divisional Charts of which Navamsa or D9 Chart is a prominent and very important part.  Sub-divisional charts divide a zodiac into multiple times for more in depth analysis and finding the exact strength of the planets.  Navamsa or D9 is the most important division of the zodiac sign. As the name suggests, in a Navamsa Chart, each zodiac is divided into 9 parts, each part is a ‘Navamsa’. This chart is used to reveal some vital insights into your marriage and relationships after a certain age and real strength of the planets in your horoscope.  When predicting the marital and love matters, your D1 chart or the birth chart gives your current situation and the D9 chart is used to find out the fortune and destiny related to marriage matters as well as the strength of planets in your horoscope. D1 chart alone does not qualify to give very in depth and vital clues to your love life, personal matters and even the overall power of the planets.

Results of D9 Chart
Your destiny in love matters, relationships as well as the luck, description & nature of your life partner is determined by the 7th, 5th, 2nd & 12th houses in your horoscope, the D1 chart with prime importance held by the D9 Navamsa Chart. The predictions made on studying D1 chart alone do not give the actual turn of events. That’s why the much discussed break up of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt can actually be read through their Navamsa chart, while their D1 chart shows no such cracks in marital bond.  The D9 chart helps understand the native’s mental makeup, physical compatibility, cause of success or failure in love and relationships. A Vedic expert can pen out the deep-routed psychological features, mental and physical orientations, even the physical description, education pattern and many other vital features of your life partner.

What would your D9 Navamsa Reading deliver?
It will cover:
  • The results related with both - the actual power of planets as well as the results one can expect in love & relationships.
  • Detailed description of the likelihood of finding a person matching the D9 description.
  • Vedic suggestions to optimize harmony in love & marriage with respect of strength of planets in your D9 chart.
  • Tips on avoiding problems in relationships using astrological remedies based on the planets which are causing them.



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