Are you also hoping and looking forward to 2017 for Monetary Gains? Your hopes may realize as the coming 12 months are going to unfold and herald the opportune timings for change in fortune, as per Vedic Astrology calculations.

2017 is a very significant year for 'luck in finances'. This is evident from the formation of many lucky combinations, also referred as 'Yoga' or cluster of planets which brings in good luck and prospects of money making & accumulating wealth. At the same time, Jupiter the planet of prosperity & wisdom is changing sign and moving into Libra  from Virgo. Before which it is transiting in Virgo which is considreed auspicious for starting off any new projects and business.  Your birth chart would be studied under this report to predict the benefic aspects of Jupiter and other planets this year.

Apart from Jupiter, there’s Venus retrogression in 2017. These transits will have a combined effect on the level of income in the next 12 months. In the 2017 Money Horoscope, we calculate the impact of 9 planets, their transits (movements), bhavas(houses), Nakshatra & Vimsotarri Dasa to predict your money pool for the given time period. You can order your 2017 Money Horoscope to understand how soon your dreams will be realized in the coming 12 months!


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