Love is the strongest emotion & the core foundation of human existence on earth. Love life & marital aspects are pre destined. However, Vedic Astrology is the only Science capable of predicting these events along with their timings. And if you know the patterns & trends in the days to come, you can plan your moves better, thus increasing the chances of succeeding in the matters of love & marriage! Therefore, Love Transit Report is most sought after and the horoscopes are analysed by expert Vedic Astrologers to predict the events in one's Love Life.

Love Astrology Predictions take into account the 'Transit' (movement) of planets like Jupiter, Moon & Venus. Jupiter & Venus have a strong relevance here. Jupiter, which signifies 'marriage & spouse' can bring about very strong trends in marriage & love life - like 'possibility of a new love interest, early marriage, delay in marriage etc. Venus, the planet for love is also carefully examined for its benefic effects like 'fortunate in love affairs, passionate & emotional etc'.

Love Transit report is prepared by our expert Vedic Astrologers and provides you with specific clues on the upcoming trends in your Love Life & marriage. So that you could leverage the auspicious timings by making your first move for success in love & marriage. It also gives out the time range during which one should keep low & sail thru the challenging times ahead in love life without much damage. Love Transit Report is based on the simple philosophy - 'doing things at the right time can bring about a certain positive development in your love Life'.

Our Vedic Astrologer considers the following while making predictions for Love Transit Report -

  • Thorough analysis of houses, particularly 5th & 7th
  • Divisional charts like Navasma & Operating Dasha as per Vimsottari Dasha System
  • Transit of planets particularly Moon, Venus - the planet of Love & Jupiter - which signifies spouse.

Thus Love Transit report comes out with the upcoming trends in Love & Marriage aspects and allows an Astrologer to predict with confidence the right time to be more pro active in love and the other times when one should just keep low, if looking to make the first move.

If facing troubled times in Love & Married life, this report provides timings by when things may get sorted between the two of you. You can expect the following from your Love Transit Report -

  • An overview of Love Life for the next 3 months, 6 months or 1 year
  • Month by month predictions on Love & Marriage.

You can order this report for finding success in your Love Life!



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