As we run into 2017, some key questions crossing our mind could be: “Would this be the year when I get the love of my life? Would he or she be my long term partner? Would I continue to look out of the marriage for a fulfilling relationship?”

The answers to these and many such questions are embedded in your horoscope that holds vital clues to your love life and personal matters. The 7th house, the house of love and marriage will reflect if a major planet is transiting through your sector of love and romance would bring in the relationship and the partner you seek in 2017. Jupiter will makes an entry into the sign of Libra from Virgo while Saturn would have started transiting in Sagittarius in January 2017 which marks a very big planetary change of 2017. Moreover, Venus will turn retrograde between March and April in the sign of Pisces. These planetary combinations will lead to change in your perception  and attitude towards love matters and how you perceive people and relationships. Making a whole new relationship possible that you thought could never even be imagined before.

So many of these celestial events would translate into a slew of changed trends in love life and marriage matters in 2017. And will create special opportunities for a love relationship to materialize. It could be an incredibly lucky period with strong transits through the 7th house of luck in marriage and love. This would be the time period when you will be genuinely open to a new relationship and will ease out your stricter criteria for a love / life partner. You will be highly receptive, loving and warm, making you attracting to opposite sex. This change in your mindset in the coming time will make all the difference to your love and marriage prospects in the next 12 months.

2017 Love & Marriage Destiny Reading will provide the astrological help to channelize your ‘love-outlook’ and identify the genuine match among the phony opportunities if at all coming your way. The report would cover the precise results of transit of Jupiter, Venus and Saturn, your love and marriage prospects, specific good periods and challenges. Remedies to any obstructions that could be seen in your horoscope will also be a part of this very compelling  and important report for your love life in 2017.

2017 Love & Marriage Destiny

2017 Love & Marriage Destiny Report

2017 Love & Marriage Destiny with lucky dates

2017 Love & Marriage Destiny Report with lucky dates


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