An in depth study of your Horoscope, also known as your ‘birth chart’ can predict your future in great details. This will not just give you peace of mind by removing the elements of uncertainty from your future, but will also help you prepare ahead of low periods and leverage the good phases in the coming years. Such is the importance of a Detailed Horoscope Report.

What is a Detailed Horoscope Report?
A Detailed Horoscope Report is the analysis & comprehension of your birth chart, prepared on the basis of your date & time of birth. It takes into account the position of Moon at the time of your birth along with the respective positions of the other planets including the Sun, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Rahu, and Ketu & Mercury in the different houses representing different Zodiac signs. It is then compared with the positions of the planets at the different stages of life to foretell the major events which will take place in your future.

What will my Detailed Horoscope Report contain?
You can expect the following features from your report:
  • Analysis of effect of all 9 planets
  • Analysis of effect of all bhavas( houses)
  • Recommended gemstones.
  • For Detailed Horoscope Reading with Predictions, a complete analysis of  future events in the following genres will be given out:
    • Career
    • Finance
    • Love Life
    • Marital Life
    • Children & Health

A Detailed Horoscope Report will deliver the basic strength of your birth chart which is indicative of how strong your luck is. It will cover the description of all planets & their influences through the various phases of your life.  The analysis of all the 12 bhavas will describe your personality, temperament & attitude. It will also define you in terms of your communication and interactions with others, your thinking DNA or mindset. Your Career growth trajectory & level of income & wealth through the coming years; your marital & love life patterns and the level of peace of mind and harmony in life; health & Children; unearned money & inheritance from various sources; religious & spiritual profiling; your Karmic influences & the events beyond your control and any losses, debts and untoward incidents, if at all, will be covered.

Faisal Hameed, over the last so many years have predicted the future of millions by drafting of Detailed Horoscope Reading. You can also take the benefit of their vast experience & expertise in this field of Predictive Astrology!

Detailed Horoscope Reading


Detailed Horoscope Reading with Predictions

DHR -2

Detailed Horoscope Reading with Predictions

Detailed Horoscope Reading with Predictions

Detailed Horoscope Reading with Predictions, Gemstone Analysis & Saturn Reading

Detailed Horoscope Reading with Predictions, Gemstone Analysis & Saturn Reading

USD 99 / Rs.5445


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