Composite Astrology Report
As the name suggests, Composite Astrology Report is one strong concentrated reports of many reports we offer that help map nearly all aspects of your life. This exhaustive report runs into more than 50 pages of manual & customized predictions!

Did you ever imagine you will land up a Foreign Placement after 10 years! Or you will have a chance to marry again! Or you will inherit property from completely unknown sources. This is the strength of Composite Astrology Report! It throws up facets of life which one had never imagined for! It gives out the most exhaustive, intutive & detailed results possible & available in the field of Vedic Astrology on your life! A Horoscope, if analyzed well, interprets the strength of stars when you were born. However, the Composite Astrology reading is many levels above a Horoscope reading in the following ways –
  • Scans your Life for the next 20 years and provides visibility for the next twenty years.
  • May throw up some unexpected or life changing events and paints the ‘Big Picture for you.For instance, Composite Astrology report draws up the Career growth trajectory for you in the next 20 years.
  • All customized & human readings. Not a single word is generated by a machine & all data belongs to only ‘YOU’.
A Composite Astrology Report cannot be prepared by any one & everyone. It involves a deep Astrological working & calculations, which takes into account the strength of planets, houses & stars at the time of your Birth; transits of planets and their varying effects on different facets like Career & Money during individual years of your life; results of various dasas, as per the Vimsottari Dasha system followed in Vedic Astrology; clusters of Planets together in a bhava (house) forming Combinations or Yogas. These Combinations may throw in special effects on life events. Many of these Combinations are the reason behind a sudden Success, an unexpected Loss or bestowing Rajeshwar (King like) stature to someone least expected!Given such a scale of this ‘full Astrological Reading’, only an experienced and expert Astrology Practitioner can write out a Composite Report for your life’s next 20 years!

What to expect from your Composite Astrology Report?
  • Focused & customized reading & a description’ of your demenour, aptitude and attitude; Health ;Listing of important years of your life
  • Overview of ‘Detailed Reading; followed by effects of 9 Planets
  • Special Notes on Finance & Investment, which include –
    • Suitable Areas of Earning - Service / Self Employment or Business
    • Recommendations for suitable areas of earning.
    • Suitable forms of Investments – real estate / Debt instruments/ Equity/ Mutual Funds/ Own Business
    • Combinations holding back monetary success
    • Astrological Remedies ( upaayas) & method to pursue them
  • ‘Overview of Next 20 Years’ to tell you the ‘Details of Events’ to expect like Marriage, Children, gains & losses, professional life events
  • Breakdown of Next 20 years into 11 effective periods & their results in the areas of Career, Finance, Love Life, Marital Life, Children, Health
The report is concluded by providing answer to your five specific questions. Yes, within the ambit of this ‘exhaustive report’ your most pressing questions, which you are asked to submit at the time of requesting the report, are answered too. We have therefore put in everything you could hope to ask or get in terms of an astrological reading.

You can request your Composite Astrology Report for a complete blueprint of your life 20 years hence!


  • "Detailed Life Reading came out 90% correct. Yes, I had been able to take up a new job in Energy Sector. The company is recognising my work well here. Thanks for advice of changing Industry during the web chat session. I took it seriously and it worked."
    Roshan Agarwal, Indore
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    Riya Chhabra, Canada
  • "Career Analysis Report kept me going in my present job and I went on to become the Regional Manager in my company. Thank you Faisal Hameed. I am a big believer in you now."
    Kimberly, LA