Children are the focal point of the Parents’ life. Vedic Astrology provides great insights into a child’s future - covering his strengths, weaknesses, persona, aptitude & calling in life. These can be used very well to bring out the best in a child as he or she grows up.

Thus a Child Astrology report, which as the name suggests is like a complete account of the life of your child and what destiny has in store for him, can help alleviate your anxiety over your child’s future.

Child Astrology Report features the following aspects of a child’s life –
  • The child’s Moon sign, Lagna, Nakshatra & his birth chart (Janam Patri)
  • The nature & description of the child including his mental & physical attributes
  • Health of the child through his lifespan
  • Education
  • Wealth & Inheritances
  • Career & Business patterns
  • In case of a girl child, life with husband and hurdles if any.
  • Level of Luck the child brings to his parents & grandparents
  • Favourable planetary combinations & their impacts
  • Unfavourable planetary combinations which need to be guarded against.
  • Suggested name letters

Child Astrology report focuses on bringing out the personality; inner talent and revealing the hidden potential a child is borne with, thus helping you parenting him achieve a brighter and a better life.

Basic Child Astrology Report

Covers child’s health, wealth, education, personality, strengths & weaknesses, obstacles if any.

USD 35 / Rs.1925

Detailed Child Horoscope Report

A very detailed account of complete life span of your child, including predictions for all aspects of life

USD 79 / Rs.4345

Birth Time Selection Service

A pre-natal time selection service, whereby you can choose an auspicious Birthtime for child, bringing him loads of luck.

USD 60 / Rs.3000


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