What is Career Transit Report?
Career Transit Report tells you about the time periods during which your career and professional moves carry extra power. Vedic Astrology emphasizes the significance of timing in anything that you do. Sometimes, you anticipate the worst things to happen and yet everything eventually turns out to work in your favor. Likewise, there are times when you feel you are totally prepared for a task, but still fail to give your best. When you do things during favorable timings, the chances of success are increased multiple folds. Your Career Transit Report predicts the favorable and unfavorable timings, and does exactly that for you.

How is the Career Transit Report prepared?
Using principles of Vedic Astrology, it is possible to map the transits of major planets that govern your career and professional life to your Moon Sign (the sign where Moon was present at the time of your birth) as well as your Ascendant (or the rising sign at the time of your birth). To prepare your Career Transit Report, our expert Vedic Astrologer will first prepare your birth chart from your birth details, i.e. date, time and place of birth and then look into all the upcoming planetary positions and transits to predict your future career trends for next 3, 6 and 12 months. For instance, the favorable position of transiting planets likes Jupiter and Saturn in the 10th House of career, prestige and fame in the birth chart can lead to phenomenal success overnight. All these aspects and more are checked in this report.

Why you should order Career Transit Report?
When you know the right time to do something in your career, you will likely make all the right decisions, thereby increasing the chances of success and promotion. You will also remain low in activity and act patiently should you know that the time is not favorable. The Career Transit report can be a reliable reference guide that will tell you the right time to look for a new job, the time when you will likely get an increment or promotion and the favorable time for any other major career move. It will also tell you times of hardships and challenges in career as well as give you practical astrological remedies for them.

What you can expect from your Career Transit Report? 
  • Favorable time periods during which the chances of great success in career and professional sphere are maximum.
  • Time periods of growth, profits and expansion in business.
  • Time periods when you will likely get a raise, increment or promotion at work.
  • Time periods when you should work more behind the scene avoiding any controversial discussions, arguments and moves in career.
  • Time periods to make changes and moves in career.
  • Any problems that can likely arise at work due to superiors or people in authority subordinates, clients or competition. The report will also give you good astrological remedies and advice to reduce the burden during such times.
  • Time periods when chances of finding a wonderful, new job are high or when beginning a major project in business will lead to success.



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