Not all of us get a chance to follow the Career of choice. Therefore, more often than not we tend to do our jobs without putting in enough efforts to make a success and a career out of it. This is the case with most people nowadays. Is there a way out? Can Astrology help us seek success in Career? Yes, Career Astrology is an evolved field now and can get us answers to some crucial questions related to our Career and thus help us take well informed decisions to succeed in Career.

An expert Vedic Astrologer can study your birth chart to analyze your stars and amalgamate it with your personality traits, nature and aptitude to come up with key results like:
  • Is the present line of career best suited to me?
  • Will I succeed in a different industry sector or line of work?
  • Will I do better as a freelance consultant or should I continue with my job?
  • What is the best time of my Career or the period of highest growth?

All of the above and more is contained in a Career Planner Report. To prepare your Career Planner report, the Vedic Astrologer works on your natal chart to study your Career patterns and suggests your true calling and the time when you will attain the peak in your Career. Thus Career Planner report helps you discover your true calling and the right time of success in career for you.

This report will deliver the following for you:
  • The most suited method to make a living - a job, business, private practice, self employed or govt employee
  • Is there a special talent and aptitude to make a living as a-
    • An artist
    • A media person
    • A sportsperson
    • Any other
  • Any specific areas or sectors which you could focus on for success in career & fortune.
  • Timing of highs and lows in Career
  • How to handle the low periods in Career.
  • The kind of people - superiors and subordinates you would be working with and how to have a cordial relation with them.
  • Tips & Astrological Remedies for success in Career.
You can request for your Career Planner Report. It will act as a point of reference and guide throughout your Career.


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