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Why 2017 is significant for career & finances?

There would be definite shifts in the career & professional environment in 2017. This would be due to the changes in the position of the celestial bodies - majorly the bigger planets - Saturn & then later Jupiter. Towards the later half of the year, Rahu - the dragon's head also changes its position moving into a new sign. Which will further usher in changes into the way our work life get structured. It is the slow moving planets - Jupiter & Saturn which make the most impact given a very slow cycle of their transit.

In 2017, Jupiter remains in Virgo till September before moving to its next zodiac, Libra. Saturn has been transiting in the mystery sign of Scorpio for the last 3 years. 2017 assumes greatest significance astrologically since Saturn will make its move to Sagittarius after 3 long years. Both Saturn & Jupiter are the material planets, bringing in financial gain & riches. Hence it would be most appropriate to find out if you have a friendly Jupiter & if Saturn transit is favorable in your chart for 2017. Saturn also rolls down into a different 'fallen' position this year, a rare occurrence.

Effects of celestial movements on career, professions and financial status:
Saturn has a strong influence on career, money, social circle, hard work and long term planning. Jupiter would also receive Saturn’s aspect this year signaling gains in workplace with right amount of efforts. Later Rahu would also affect the career progression for us. The special effects of Saturn, aspecting Jupiter & Rahu later in the year and crucial dasa period that would bring in changes, opportunities and some challenges at work. 2017 promises to throw up opportunities to push ahead & consolidate professionally as well as financially.

2017 Career & financial fortune reading would throw some invaluable data & insight on how your career & finances will progress in 2017. If you are looking for the job change, increment, promotion, change in line of career, business growth, then 2017 career & financial fortunes horoscope would help predict these aspects along with the timing of their occurrence.

You will get the following data / interpretations from 2017 Career & Financial Fortune Horoscope:
  • Analysis of Business and Career in 2017
  • Effects of 10th house on Job & Business
  • Effects of Jupiter & Saturn transit during 2017 on Career growth & effects on finances.
  • Lucky planetary combinations helping your career
  • An overview & summarization of career & finances in 2017

2017 Career & Financial Fortune

2017 Career & Financial Fortune

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2017 Career & Financial Fortune with lucky dates

2017 Career & Financial Fortune with lucky dates

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