About Live Chat Consultation:
You can have a personal online chat session with the renowned Vedic Astrologer - Faisal Hameed from the comfort of your home. It is just like a real time / live discussion with an expert astrologer who will make career predictions, give you expert advice and astrological remedies related to your profession, business and work life. The Vedic Astrologer will use your birth chart to find out when you will get peak success in your career, when your current existing career issues will be resolved. He will also provide you with practical remedies and solutions for your professional problems.

Why is a career web chat preferable?
Nothing can match a direct, one-to-one chat or interaction with a Vedic Expert himself. In such a personal discussion, you can ask questions, tell specific problems, discuss your condition and give feedback as well. This is just like meeting with a doctor to explain your condition, discuss concerns and get prescription accordingly.

What all can you discuss with Faisal Hameed?
You can discuss a number of career related issues with the Vedic Astrologer, which include:
  • Problems due to a difficult person at office (a boss or a colleague)
  • Not happy and satisfied in the current job
  • Delay in promotion & salary increment
  • Unemployment
  • Financially weak or unstable job
  • Feeling stuck in your career
  • Cannot find a new, better job
  • Unsatisfactory professional growth
  • Change of career path, new work line
  • Whether to leave job for higher education
How to go about it?
You can simply book an appointment Pt Faisal Hameed to get their Astrology Consultation through a Web Chat session. Kindly note that you will have to give your birth details, i.e. date, time and place of birth, while booking the appointment. Also, tell us a time that will be convenient for you. However, due to a large number of appointments, sometimes, it might take longer than you anticipate.

How will I benefit from this?
You will get Expert Advice and Astrological Predictions on any issue related to your profession by an experienced Astrology Consultant.
If you are facing any career problems, Astrologer will tell you when exactly things will get better and even give you practical astrological resolutions and remedies to reduce the load.
Web chat consultation is easy, simple and convenient and can be done from the comfort of your home.
You can be assured that your personal information will be kept strictly confidential.


  • "Detailed Life Reading came out 90% correct. Yes, I had been able to take up a new job in Energy Sector. The company is recognising my work well here. Thanks for advice of changing Industry during the web chat session. I took it seriously and it worked."
    Roshan Agarwal, Indore
  • "Please convey my gratitude to Faisal Hameed. My 2015 Horoscope is so close to reality of my life. I am a fan now! Especially about getting married in 2015. I got married and have shifted to Canada now. I would like to meet him if possible pls. "
    Riya Chhabra, Canada
  • "Career Analysis Report kept me going in my present job and I went on to become the Regional Manager in my company. Thank you Faisal Hameed. I am a big believer in you now."
    Kimberly, LA