Telephonic Consultation with Astrologer
You can directly talk to our expert Vedic Astrologer over phone and discuss any matter that is troubling you in life. Our team of Vedic Astrologers is highly experienced and well trained in Vedic tools and principles to give you immediate astrological solutions and advice and make precise predictions about your future as per your birth chart. In such a one-on-one consultation with our astrologer, you can ask specific questions related to your love life, marriage, career, business, finances, health, higher education, travel, etc. and get quick answers about what is going to happen in future in these areas, when will you get what you want and when will your current problems, if any, get resolved. If the planetary positions and combinations seem to not work in your favor, our astrologer will tell you practical astrological remedies that will improve things.

How will you benefit from a telephonic session with Astrologer?
Even though our personalized horoscope readings can help you in a plethora of ways, the Telephonic Consultation with an Astrologer service is matchless. Not only do you get speedy answers to anything that you want to know, but it also lets you directly discuss, interact and give feedback to the astrologer, making the predictions highly precise and to the point. When you know about future possibilities, you can plan accordingly and take best decisions for yourself.

How to go about it?
To talk to our expert Vedic Astrologer directly on the telephone, simply fill in your birth details, tell us a convenient time to call and request for an appointment. After that, we will confirm your telephonic session and send you the astrologer’s telephone number. You can, then, call the astrologer at the scheduled time. In case of any discrepancy, you can call again within the next 30 minutes, after which your appointment would be called off.
You will be asked to submit your birth details at the time of booking a call, so that the astrologer can prepare your birth chart and do all the preliminary study and calculations. You are advised to be open about your life problems with the astrologer. Also, prepare your specific, clear questions well in advance to avoid any last minute confusion. For your benefit, you can record the call and keep the conversation stored for future reference. Alternatively, you can note down the key points.

Since the astrologer prepares and studies your birth chart before you call, 25 minutes are enough to discuss regarding one birth chart. In case you need to discuss multiple matters and discuss about 2/3 profiles, you can book a 45 or a 60 minute session.

What all will I get from this Service?
  • Direct, one-to-one consultation with our experienced Vedic Astrologer.
  • Speedy future predictions and instant astrological solutions to problems.
  • Complete Confidentiality.
At times, due to heavy number of bookings, the astrologer might not be available at your preferred time. Hence, you will be asked to give an alternate preferred timing as well. Kindly note that the time of reference will be the IST or Indian Standard Time, which is 5 and a half hours ahead of GMT.



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    Roshan Agarwal, Indore
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