What is Muhurtha?

There are certain key events of our lives whose success is vital to us! For instance getting married or starting a new business. Is there a way to ensure the success of such major life processes? Yes, Vedic Astrology has a unique tool called ‘Muhurtha’. Its value can be assessed by the fact that the success of an event or even a business idea can be planned by choosing the ‘right time frame’ of starting the same or undertaking the process during the auspicious timings as given out by an expert Vedic Astrologer.

Muhurtha is a valuable tool available exclusively in Vedic Astrology! It is that ‘right time frame’ for the inception & commencement of an idea or an all important event such that the success of the same is assured. Starting a key event on a Vedic Muhurtha has the ‘destiny changing’ powers. While one has no control over the time and date he or she is borne, which more or less decides the future patterns of life for him, but a Vedic Astrologer can suggest the right timing of starting the key events for better control on the outcome and success of the events. For instance, even for a native with a weak chart for marital life, the marital bliss can be restored by tying the nuptial knots in the auspicious Muhurtha, thus warding off the negative energies as a result of certain debilitation of planets.

Muhurtha is thus a very powerful tool which can be used to overcome an obstacle or dosha present in your horoscope, by fixing the time of occurrence of key events of your life. You can seek Muhurtha for the following events of your life in order to enhance the chances of its success:

  • Marriage
  • Starting new Business, starting a new job, changing a job etc.
  • Making an all important Investment transaction
  • Long journey or business travels
  • Moving into a new house
  • Starting a new medicine or course of medication
  • Starting a religious event
  • Filing Claim, court cases etc.
  • Making business bids
  • Starting Construction Activities or laying the foundation stone.
  • Any other important event.

You can seek Muhurtha for an important event of your life by telling us the time frame suitable to you. We shall get back with Muhurtha options within that time band.


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