Will Your Career Rise in 2017? Here is what Career Horoscope 2017 Says

If you work hard day and night and give your best output at office, but still do not see the kind of career growth and progress you deserve, there are high chances that your stars are not in a very favorable position. A major part of success in our professional life depends upon how planets of luck are positioned in the houses governing career, fame and finances in our birth chart. Vedic Astrology is an ancient science of calculating planetary positions to decipher accurate details about your career life, including the kind of career you will excel in, the most favorable times for your career in the upcoming times, any necessary precautions you should take to prevent defamation or loss, if you have any possible enemies at work, etc. Once you have these detailed predictions, you can make right choices at the right time and enjoy a rewarding, envious career in the coming year 2017.

The 2017 career forecast for each Moon sign is prepared by our expert Vedic Astrologers, which will unfold the future events that are going to happen in your career in the year 2017. Created from ancient principles of Vedic Astrology, this 2017 career horoscope is based on the Moon Sign or the position of moon at the time of your birth. Click here to know your Moon sign for free.


Dear Aries, the year 2017 will be a year when you will find yourself working really hard, but despite strong efforts, you will not feel completely satisfied with the results. Do not let this weaken your motivation in any way. You will see improvement in some aspect of your career during the last week of January. The early part of the month of January will not be that great, however, post 26th January, you can expect promotion or receive some other kind of good news at work. You may also get support or guidance from seniors during this time. Someone at work might lend a helping hand when you need it the most. Your equation with colleagues will be mostly peaceful, but the months of April, May, August, September as well as December could prove to be frustrating in this regard. The year 2017 is filled with opportunities for your career, with the first half better than the second.

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As per 2017 Taurus Horoscope, your mantra for 2017 is to believe in yourself and your capabilities. With this in mind, you can give your best shot in 2017 and take your career to newer heights.The year will seem to move in an ordinary pace during early January. However, post 26 January 2017, things at work might become tricky. You need to be careful and cautious during this time.Relief will come during the period from June to October, when you will find yourself amidst of great career progress and growth. This would be followed by another challenging period, but with sincere efforts, you can overcome anything. Seniors will support you and recognize your talents in the year 2017, dear Taurus.


2017 is a year of good fortunes for you, dear Gemini. When it comes to your career, your stars seem to be generous. A rise in salary is highly likely. If you are looking for a job change, it will be possible this year. While everything would be more or less in control, your seniors might create troubles for you. This would be especially true during the time period from June to mid of September. You need to remain calm and not lose your cool. The time period from mid August to mid September is also tricky, when someone you trust at work backstabs you. Things would turn for the better after September 2017.


Dear Cancer, the year 2017 is a year of opportunities. Much can be accomplished if you keep a check on your cranky behavior and mood swings. The time period from June to September is filled with a lot of challenges. Still, with your hard work and determination, you can conquer just anything and anyone. It is possible that you would feel undervalued and unappreciated at work. Instead of taking haste decisions, you need to think through everything carefully. A rise in salary is expected for some Cancer natives. You need to hold back your complaints and remain polite with seniors during the months of March, April and December. Everything looks decently good on the career front, dear Cancer.


As per 2017 Leo Horoscope, this year 2017 is a mixed bag of quite a lot of wonderful opportunities as well as some hurdles. You have grand ideas and larger-than-life ambitions, but in order to reach closer to your goals, you need to let go of contemplation and laziness. Only dreaming about possibilities will get you nowhere, dear Leo. Some form of support will come from your teammates and colleagues, which will make you happy. The time period from March to mid April would require your attention. It is possible that you would have to make continuous efforts to achieve something dear to you. December would seem like a quite, monotonous and unproductive month. There would be minor setbacks from June to October, but nothing that you cannot handle. All in all, the year 2017 is a positive one when it comes to career prospects.


You must gear up for a year filled with exciting social opportunities, dear Virgo. When it comes to your professional life, there is a lot to do and even a lot more to achieve.Your communication skills would be strong throughout the year, which will catch attention of many important people at work. While this would overall be a positive time period, you need to be cautious during the months of April and December as well as during mid August to September. Your words would carry extra power during these times and there is a risk of burning some important bridges with careless remarks. Do not lose your cool and stay focused even when you feel the work pressure getting in over your head. Your hard work will take you to many places, dear Virgo.

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You are creative and talented, dear Libra, but without hard work and focused attitude, nobody achieves anything in life – something you would need to keep reminding yourself during the year 2017. This could very well be a year full of wonderful career prospects for you, but a lazy, laid back approach at work will get you nowhere. It is likely that you will feel less confident and demotivated, as your efforts will not be recognized immediately. You need to remain strong during such times and not give up the good work. Support from seniors will come just when you need it the most.


Dear Scorpio, be prepared for a very busy and hectic year for your career. A change in job or job location is highly likely during this year, more so in the time period from January to June or after October. You will enjoy indulging yourself totally into your work. While this would be very profitable, you are advised to take breaks in between and not compromise on your health. If you are facing any challenges in your career, they will end after mid September this year. Your teammates and co-workers will be generous in supporting you.


As per 2017 Sagittarius career Horoscope, your career delivers promising news during the year 2017, dear Sagittarius. You have worked day and night during the last year and now it is the time to reap rewards.You will make some wise and informed career decisions in the year 2017, which help you rise in your profession. You need to prepare yourself for a change of job location is likely before June or after October. Associations with co-workers would remain peaceful throughout. However, some minor problems might come up during the time period from June to October. Seniors at work will be especially demanding. Take enough rest and keep a careful check on your healthor it will impact your productivity at work. After September, things change considerably for the better.


Dear Capricorn, the year 2017 has your name written markedly over it. When it comes to your career, things are looking bright and positive. The hard work you have put in all these recent years will come to fruition during 2017. Although a lot can be achieved with hard work and determination this year, you need to keep your dreams as realistic as possible. Also, keep a check on your lethargic and lazy approach at work, especially after September. Try to maintain a peaceful relationship with your seniors and avoid any confrontation during the time period from June to mid September.

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Dear Aquarius, the year 2017 is a good year for your professional life. You will be pleasantly surprised with the career opportunities that come your way. While there will be majorly a positive trend going on in your career, you need to be cautious during the time period from June to September. Some problems may arise with seniors at work. A coworker may create additional troubles for you. Try to remain calm and neutral during this time. Your hard work, determination and industriousness will take you to newer territories, dear Aquarius


Dear Pisces, the year 2017 is markedly an important year for your career, and so it is important that you bring in clarity in your mind and remain decisive about your career direction this year. Some issues at the work front will demand your sound judgment and courage. With your efforts and determination, you will reach new heights in your career. Some hurdles might come up after mid September, but you will have the strength to overcome them. You will make a good impression on seniors with your hard work and positive attitude. Watch out for possible miscommunication with coworkers during the time period from March to mid April and also during December, which would prove to be more harmful than you anticipate, dear Pisces.

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